Friday, 22 May 2015

ICAD backgrounds

I'm participating in the international creative challenge ICAD, Index Card a Day.
I wanted to have a choice of pre-prepared backgrounds to offer choice, flexibility and inspiration to each daily creation.
My cards are 3x5. I used the 5x7 Gelli plate to get two cards at a time.

Monday, 11 May 2015


I've been having a splash about with some Brushos.
I made some small backgrounds and made this notecard with a contrasting gelli print envelope. The print was from a pile of "undecided" prints that have been to one side for over a year!

I used only 3 colours of Brushos on the backgrounds. The stamped image is from Stampendous. It didn't show up terribly well so I've gone over the whole image with Unipin fineliners and then highlighted the non silhouetted flowers using a Uniball Signo White pen.
The colours on the card are: lime green, scarlet and lemon. The other two backgrounds were created using purple, leaf green and yellow.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Découpage 2

I have an old 1970s Atlas. To contrast against the black and white small table I decided to go with bold, zingy, colours. I have the map book for collages (and what could be better than a large, freestanding, 3D collage?!) Also, it's interesting seeing how the world and trade used to be.

I used the same process (The glue I used for both was matt Modge Podge) and started at the legs.

And below is the finished table and then the two of them nestling together :-)

Découpage 1

have two, very boring, solid teak side tables. They don't fit in the rest of my furniture. 
I decided to jazz them up a bit using découpage.

First I sanded them as they had a slight varnished finish to them. Then I gave them a couple of coats of white, ordinary satin wood interior paint (leftover from painting sills and skirting etc)

I copied some zendoodles of mine using my inkjet printer on to plain copy paper. My worry was that the ink would smear when pasted onto the table. Then I worried that the thin paper would just tear!! I carried out a little test piece under the table and all was good  :-)

I started with the legs (which were a bit fiddly as they're tapered) and worked my way up.

I'm so pleased with the finished product. My small, random designs worked really well and minimises any visible overlaps. It's completely original and its a quirky way to see a lot of my sketchbook, ATCs and drawings etc altogether.

The finished table :-)

(Below is the table top)

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hardboard primed with gesso. Derwent Artbars applied dry to board and then water added. It's easier to work the colour with finger tips for warmth and pressure. Mark making using rubber tipped shaping tools and dry application of Artbars direct to the board.

Monday, 2 March 2015

TAD2015 Day 27

"She always had a passion for flowers"

Mini magazine collage (2.5" x 4")

TAD2015 Day 26

"She was determined to HULA"

Magazine collage (3.5" x 8.5")

TAD2015 Day 24

Mabel Collage

Black and white collage. 
I started a collage last summer which I was never sure what to do with. It was a patchwork of black and white magazine images. When I placed “sticky back tissue paper” over it I was unhappy with the result – the backing on the tissue paper was too opaque and made the whole collage flat and unappealing to me. I doodled a wilting weed in white pen but no joy in any further ideas. It got put aside with other half finished projects and collage “stuff”. When I say stuff I mean bits and bobs I can’t bear to throw away. This includes envelopes from bills and junk mail.

I sifted through my boxes and got tearing and sticking. A photo of the adorable Mabel takes pride of place.

(pic montage at the bottom shows the original half finished collage (top left) and then some of the stages)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

TAD2015 Day 23

Guess what …. More flimmin’ Gelli prints. These will be the last …. Cleared all the messy papers, paints, tissues, brayers, plates up and off the table.

Stamped over with archival ink and rubber stamps and then highlighted with a white Uniball pen.

I think I did some Gelli tags last year too … but you can never have too many tags .. Right?

TAD2015 DAY22

Gelli Mashup part two.

Today I chose a muted palette, again with some metallic paints.
Same process as before :-)

TAD2015 DAY21

Stamping with the Gelli Plate (size 3x5) inspired by Gelli Arts.

Gelli plate mounted on an acrylic block and then different stencils and textures used to create patterns. Various acrylic paints used (including gold which adds a lovely shimmer in places but is not picked up by my iPhone camera!)

TAD2015 DAY20

Hurray!! Found my packing tape  :-)

Used less paint and a lighter palette.

Packing tape is much clearer than contact paper. As it’s a limited size I got 3 small strips which allowed me to create 3 different effects from one print.

One I kept clear and stuck on an old book page, one with violet mica powder brushed on the back and one with mica flames on the back.

(Photo at the bottom shows WiP)