Sunday, 16 November 2014

Coasters - quick n easy

Choose photos from Instagram or use own artwork. 
A good size for a basic sized mug to sit on is an image of 9.5cm x 9.5cm.
Crop images to desired size.
Laminate and then crop laminated image.

I used 3 photos that I had edited and filtered in Instagram and cut 3 images from a watercoloured canvas that I wasn't happy with.

Result: 6 coasters.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Gelli Tags

I used the pre-installed tag shapes on the Brother ScanNCut and gellied some. 
I used the 6x6 Gelli Plate with a mixture of embossed card, bubble wrap, carpet grip, stencils, patterned rolling pins and a catalyst wedge. 

They will all be "added to".

For today I chose a large tag that I'd cut from a kraft card. It measures approx 145mm x 95mm. 

Derwent Inktense blocks/pencils work really well on top of the acrylic background. The tag is edged with gold paint.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 19

Spent an hour getting messy.

Got my large gelli plate out and made some background papers for putting in the Allotment journal. The prints are larger than the journal size so I can cut em up/collage etc as well. Most are double sided. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day18

For my birthday in December my friend got me a LUSH gift voucher. I finally spent it today and one of the items I bought was a lavender bubble bar.

I doodled a quick watercolour bloom for a thank you notelet. 

I was in town not just to spend my voucher but for a meeting. I am a "Service User Representative" for Richmond Fellowship in York and we have an allotment. I wanted to start up a folder or notebook to jot things in, stick photos, magazine clippings etc. so, I've got 2 A5 canvas boards and started covering the backs with matte artist medium and torn pages from an old gardening encyclopaedia that I got for a bargain £1 at a car boot sale.

TAD 2014 Days 15-17

Just a catch up post. Day 15 two overlays for the Japanese fan, Day 16 a zingy spring card, Day 17 an off day but pics of snowdrops and the beautiful Mabel (one doing a rather good Yoda impersonation!)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 14

A Japanese fan design. This is different Lino than I have previously used. It's really slippy to carve. It's called softcut but I found the good old grey stuff better.

The edges of the leaf overlay need tidying but that'll save!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 13


Keep it simple Sarah

Still void of imagination :/

As it's Valentine's tomorrow it seemed easy to go with a heart theme.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day12


No creative juices at all.

So, stamped my little stamps in versa color and highlighted with a little clear embossing powder. Might use it as a starting point for a card background at some point.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 11

A hand cut Lino background stamp.

Approx 9cm x 14cm

Hand pulled using water based block printing ink (and off registration!)

Monday, 10 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 10

Carving AND Cutting Day 10

Flower themed again.
I drew some flowers and scanned ‘em in. My magical machine has saved them and will be able to draw them for me in any size (well, when I buy the pens that fit it will!) I then coloured with alcohol pens.
There is no way that I could have cut these out myself.

I carved a simple set of stamps too. The colours are insipid as they were stamped using distress inks.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

TAD 2014 Day 9 ScanNCut

There's a new electric cutting machine called The ScanNCut. Mine arrived yesterday so I've had a little play today. 
My main reason for getting the Brother machine is that, as its name suggests, it has a built in scanner. 
I can't cut out any drawings or stamped images so this will do it for me. It's a big, fancy, magic pair of scissors!

It picks up every tiny, teeny bit of detail. Intricacy seems to be no barrier.
The flower I cut out was drawn using a 0.1 fineliner and it picked up and cut round that no problem.

There's no turning on an external flatbed scanner, scanning to computer, editing in a software program, converting file type and then linking the computer to the cutting machine or having to fiddle with print and cut settings.
For my flower, I drew it, fed it into the machine which scanned it and then cut it!

I've made 2 stencils and trial cut them on thick paper. (I will try and cut using grafix .007 or acetate another day) and cut a flower. I've also fiddled with some other bits and bobs. I have some redundant decoupage sheets so asked it to cut them out and it did :)

There's lots of info all over the internet about the Brother CutNScan. For people in the UK (and, I think, Europe) a shopping channel called Create and Craft has exclusivity for at least 6 months. Here is their link plus two of C&C's presenters who have been working with the Brother during the launch.